I’m Michelle, the head writer and editor in chief at A Dish of Daily Life! Located in Connecticut, I’m within driving distance of New York City and Boston. I love living in the Northeast because I can be anywhere within 2-3 hours at the most!

I’m a soccer mom with 3 kids, married to my college sweetheart for over 20 years. I work from home, offering my clients solutions to their social media marketing needs. Having also worked in the photo organizing industry for years and being an avid photographer, I have a passion for people and their stories. I often write about photo related topics on my blog. If I’m not taking pictures or driving kids to practice, you can often find me on Twitter!


My Family

A Dish of Daily Life Family

Mike: I met my husband in college, while running cross country and track for the University of Colorado. Mike still enjoys competing when he has time to train.

Jackson: Jackson is our oldest, born in 1997. He enjoys soccer, skiing, and anything to do with computers. He enjoys creating his own video games and once built a computer from parts with his younger brother.

Mia: Mia is our middle child, born in 1999. Her passion is soccer and we drive her all over timbuktu for it. She enjoys photography (like her mom!) and creating video slide shows. She also loves to braid hair and we are always amazed at her creations!

Eli: Eli is our youngest, born in 2001. He also enjoys soccer, but his favorite sports are snowboarding and BMX racing. He is our go-to person around the house if we have any computer problems! He has a goofy side and loves Whoopee cushions and other prank type items.

We also have 7 furry family members, 3 dogs and 4 cats, that bring us a lot of love and joy!

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*I also often am asked to speak about photo organizing.

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