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About Me

About Page Updated: October 2020

Welcome to A Dish of Daily Life; I’m Janelle, your host, chef & resident picky eater.  I’m always in the kitchen recipe experimenting and if you know me personally you’ve most likely been the recipient of many of the recipes on this website as I recipe test them to perfection.

I am an all around average, every day person who you walk past in the grocery store or sit next to at a restaurant and just happen to have this fancy website (thanks to my Husband!).  One of my greatest joys in life (aside from my family) is sharing my talents with others because  I LOVE to bake and cook for other people.

I am so glad you’ve found me and hope you stay a while, surf around to the various recipes on here and give them a try!  Feel free to comment on a recipe you’ve tried and of course I’d love it if you shared a recipe on social media too!

If you’d like to REALLY get to know me and my family better, keep reading!  You’ll learn all about my life and my amazing family!

How about we go old school style, just for fun!

Once upon a time, there was a girl and a boy.  In November of 2002, The girl, thought the boy was cute, kind, quiet and was very intrigued by said boy.  However, boy was never around and NEVER talked to girl.  This made girl sad.  So one day, after many months (in January 2003), girl got up the courage and introduced herself to boy…

Their initial conversation was not what either had hoped.  However girl and boy slowly became friends and eventually girl asked boy out on their first date.  Yep.  You read that right.  GIRL ASKED BOY out on first date (February 2003).  Girl took him to the symphony.  He liked music and she liked him and so it was what she hoped would be a great date.

Turns out, it was the worst date of her life.  TERRIBLE.  HORRIBLE.  She even cried a little.  And she vowed to never date boy again.

Of course, as fate would have it, they still hung out, still liked each other as “friends” and then as more than friends and eventually, the stars aligned one day, and boy proposed to girl.  Girl said yes!

Boy and girl were married in the Portland Oregon Temple on August 15, 2003 (gasp, only 6 months after she introduced herself to him).

After 7 years of marriage, boy and girl welcomed their first child, Amelie into the world in August 2010 in Jacksonville, Florida.  She was, and still is, the most amazing kid you’ll ever meet.  Boy & girl are pretty smitten with how awesome she is.

Then 3 years later, after struggles to get pregnant, and stay pregnant, boy & girl were overjoyed when in September of 2013, while living in Fort Collins, CO, they welcomed Ephram into their lives.  Amelie was the happiest little girl to have a new friend join our family! Ephram has kept us on our toes and laughing every day!  Boy & girl can’t get enough of their little ham, his goofy faces, loving hugs, and random I love you’s that melt their hearts!

Their journey then took them to St. Cloud, MN to be close to boy’s parents, whom girl adores.  Their kids LOVE living so close to “Gra’ah” and “Guy,” and love seeing them several times a week.  And guy and girl love being around them too!

However, there were more struggles to get pregnant and again, stay pregnant.  Finally, their prayers were again answered and Evelyn was born in October 2017.  She is the BEST baby anyone could ask for.  Easy going, sleeps AMAZINGLY well and happily tolerates the abundance of attention her two older siblings give her.

Our lives have been so blessed with all three children and we can’t image life getting any better than this!

And of course, this post can’t be complete without a cute family photo of Boy – Ben, Girl – Janelle & their three cute kids Amelie (10) & Ephram (7) & Evelyn (3)

I hope you’ll join our family as we share our family recipes with you and a few stories from our daily lives!  Feel free to leave a comment or reach out if you have any questions!