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A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

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Last night I got a phone call from the husband of one of my friends from my Birthday Club post from yesterday.  He had just read the post and he wanted to tell me how touched he was by it. I was definitely surprised by the call…I don’t think I have ever spoken to him on the phone.  But the fact that he asked my friend for my phone number and called to tell me personally that he thought what I had written was wonderful made my night.  As I am writing this, I’m still smiling.

While I’m sitting here reflecting on his kind words, a quote from Mother Teresa comes to mind.  “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”  That phone call was a gentle reminder of a life lesson.  Kind words can, and do, make a difference in our lives.  How we treat one another creates a ripple effect.

With our everyday busy schedules, we often forget that a “little thing” like a genuine compliment or calling someone who you know is “down” just to see how they are doing can lift that person’s spirits.  Be conscious of those around you.  We can all be a little kinder.