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Affordable Automotive: Quality Service at Affordable Prices (Feature Friday)

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This Friday I’d like to talk about Affordable Automotive, a New Milford automotive repair service.  The shop is owned by a husband and wife team, Dimitri and Rose Koulouris. Rose is a member of a New Milford Business Group that I belong to, and so I have had the opportunity to get to know her personally as well!

I’ve brought my car to them for work several times, and I am always pleased at the level of service and professionalism.  Now that my car is approaching 100k miles, I am definitely finding I need little things taken care of here and there.  I really appreciate the fact that they take the time to check the car out, let me know exactly what repairs I am going to need and how much they will cost, ahead of time.  No surprises!  In one instance, I had just headed out to NYC for an overnight trip for work when the Check Engine light came on.  I pulled over, called Affordable Automotive in a panic as I was supposed to be there for set up of a booth at a conference and had everything loaded in my car, and told them my predicament.  They told me to bring my car right over and they took care of it, right on the spot.  This is just one example of the top notch service you can expect from Affordable Automotive.

The next time your car needs service, I’d urge you to consider giving Affordable Automotive a call.  I think you will find that Affordable Automotive lives up to its name, with quality automotive repair service at affordable prices!

Affordable Automotive is located at 32 Executive Center Drive in New Milford, and they can be reached at (860) 354-2266.