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Breathe Peace Massage Therapy of New Milford: Feature Friday

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Stacy Krey of Breathe Peace Massage Therapy is a New Milford massage therapist.  I met Stacy through a business networking group, New Milford Business.Com and over the past couple of years, she has also become a friend.  I’ve been to Stacy a number of times, as has my mother in law, but I originally started out bringing my daughter to her for help with her knee pain when she was suffering from Osgood-Schlatter.   This condition affects kids active in sports who are going through growth spurts.  My daughter plays soccer year round, runs cross country, and skis and snowboards as well.  Bringing her to Stacy helped her immensely.  Not only did Stacy help her with the pain, but also gave her exercises to do in between sessions to alleviate the stress on her knees so she could continue with her sports.  She is extremely knowledgable, professional, and willing to research to find solutions.  Whether you are in need of a massage yourself (and who isn’t?!), or you have a young athlete who could benefit from massage therapy, I highly recommend Stacy Krey!

Breathe Peace Massage Therapy is located at 35 Park Lane Road (Rt 202) in New Milford.  Her studio is in a historic brick building with a red front door.  You can contact Stacy at (860) 355-4098.