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Classic Mom “What Was I Thinking?” Moment

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This morning I had one of those “What was I thinking?” Mom moments. Sometimes I feel like there is so much going on that I just can’t keep track of it all, and usually these moments sneak up on me.

iStock_000008820264XSmallMy sister in law and my college age niece and some friends are coming to visit. They are going to NYC and need to borrow my van for the weekend. Of course my minivan looks like a mom-mobile…I would be embarrassed to loan it to someone looking like it does. It really could use a good cleaning.  My teenage son just so happens to be on break from his high school right now (private schools get a nice long March break) and so this morning I woke him up and informed him that his job today was to clean and vacuum the car out.



I didn’t even think of it again until I was driving home. I felt bad. I woke him up to clean the car and then I drove away in the car!

Sometimes I wonder what on earth I was thinking?

Here I am feeling bad about waking him up to do a job that he can’t possibly do for at least another hour and a half. I went in the house prepared to apologize. But…get this…he didn’t even remember me telling him he had to do this today! Either he has a selective memory or he went right back to sleep!

I don’t feel so bad anymore.

When was the last time you had a “What was I thinking?’ moment?



Sunday 11th of May 2014

My sixteen year old does that going back to sleep trick a lot but he's growing so fast I reckon he needs it.

My classic bad mom moment was driving home from work having had such a stressful day and leaving the baby in day care (which was near my work) and having to turn right back round and get him - a 20 minute trip - he was the last child there - oops! Not only that but my husband worked in the same place and neither of us remembered. We never did that again. We'd switched day care from one near our home and had gone into auto-pilot driving to the old one.

WriterMom Angela

Friday 9th of May 2014

Sounds exactly like something I would do!!