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How to Set Up a Google+ Hangout and Why You Should {Guest Post}

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I am very excited to introduce today’s guest blogger, Jennifer Barbour from Another Jennifer! She is truly a great resource…you should definitely check out her blog! Today we’ll be talking about Google+ Hangouts…if you are wondering how to set one up, help is on the way! Jennifer uses them on a regular basis, and I am thrilled she is going to share her tips with us today! 

Google+ is quietly becoming my favorite social media platform. As I become more active on it, I realize the benefits it brings me as a blogger and an entrepreneur.

For one thing, posting on Google+ helps with my search engine rankings. Because it’s Google! I’ve also noticed the network has become much more active lately. More people are “plussing” and sharing posts, and I find I’m networking with more bloggers, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations on a regular basis.

Google+ is the second largest social network in the world, behind – you guessed it – Facebook. I’ve even heard some people predict that it will surpass Facebook by the end of the year. (That would be impressive, considering Facebook’s numbers, but you never know.)

But one of my favorite features of Google+ is Google+ Hangouts. Hangouts allow you to talk with friends and colleagues via video or message. The best part about a Google+ Hangout is that it’s free!

How to Set Up a Google+ Hangout and Why You Should

I’ve used Google+ Hangouts in a few ways. I’ve had meetings with potential partners, held one-on-one coaching sessions with clients and simply chatted with other blogger friends about writing and life. I haven’t used it to allow my kids talk to my parents yet, but I’m thinking that’s coming soon.

A Google+ Hangout is a great way to get face-to-face time with people who aren’t in the same state. You can even share your screen with the person you are on a hangout with, showing the person everything from cool pics to a professional presentation.

So how do you set up a Google+ Hangout? It’s super easy!

1. Click on the green quote button on the top right side of your Google+ page. This will bring up your Hangouts list.

Cover Photo, Google +


2. Hit the + button at the top right of your Hangouts list.

New Google + Hangout

It will then ask you to type in a person’s name, email address, phone number or choose a circle from your Google+ account. Once the person shows up below, check the box next to their name. Keep doing this until you have all the people you want in your hangout listed. You can have up to ten in a hangout.

Michelle Google + screenshot

3. At the bottom of the screen, choose either message or video call.

Google + Message or Video


That’s it! Your recipient will get an alert on their phone, tablet or computer. All they have to do is accept your request to connect, and you’re in business.

If you want to schedule a hangout in the future, you can do so on your events page.  (Hover over the red G+ logo on the top left hand corner of your Google+ page and scroll down to Events. From there you’ll see a Plan a Hangout button on the top right side of the page. )

You can also hold Hangouts on air, which live stream to your YouTube page, something I’ve done with past Skillshare blogging classes I’ve taught and when I participated in a live discussion with UNICEF and other mom bloggers.

But that’s a blog post for another day. 

How do you use Google+ Hangouts?



Jennifer BarbourJennifer Barbour is a copywriter, blogger, aspiring author and new media consultant. She aims to inspire, to entertain and to make you think. Her passions are writing, philanthropy, her awesome family and bacon, though not necessarily in that order. You can find her at and on Facebook, Twitter and, of course, Google+.




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Thursday 25th of July 2013

Great thought! Google + is currenty on my focus list. I will actually be doing my first live hang out tomorrow. One thing I love is that since I am a mom of 2 small kids many people offer replays of their hang outs since I can't always be there!

Darlene with BlogBoldly

Sunday 21st of July 2013

Gawd.. I KNOW I should do the Google+ (and have known that since the "biggies" jumped ship from FB to Google+ years ago) but:

1) I despise succumbing further into Google's web. haha 2) It's another thing to add to my FULL "to do" list

And yet I know Google is favoring sites who are fully incorporating their tools. oh boy, I just might have to do this.

Darlene p.s. Jennifer, I see you're from Maine. I visited Camden a few years ago. Gorgeous! Ahhh, eating lobster on the pier and hiking so high that the whole town spread out below like a postcard. :)

another jennifer

Sunday 21st of July 2013

I hear you on the "to do" list. It seems like there's always something new to learn! I secretly hope that we start moving away from FB and do more with G+. The SEO alone is a great reason for bloggers to utilize it more.

And I love Camden! I live about 45 minutes away from there. We love to camp in Camden Hills. The whole state is a postcard, but Camden is definitely one of my favorite towns to visit.


Friday 19th of July 2013

CLEARLY, I am out of the loop with Google+! I've known about Google hangouts, but haven't really been active on creating or participating in one. I just really need to step my whole Google+ game up all together! Thanks for this information!

another jennifer

Sunday 21st of July 2013

My pleasure, Britton. The more I learn about Google+, the more I like it. Hangouts, in particular, have been helpful to me. Live hangouts open up a whole new world for bloggers, in my opinion.


Wednesday 17th of July 2013

I love google hangouts, SUPER easy to use! I totally used them during my last trip to communicate with my kids. It's so much easier than skype.

another jennifer

Wednesday 17th of July 2013

I totally agree, Nellie. And I love that you can share your screen or even hold a live discussion that streams on YouTube. So cool.

leah davidson

Wednesday 17th of July 2013

*sigh* I just need to get my social media act together. Great info though- seems easy enough to use. Just need to use. I need to hire someone to get it all together for me!

another jennifer

Wednesday 17th of July 2013

I find G+ to be easy to use. I think it's a lot cleaner looking than FB and much easier to organize. It's all so overwhelming, isn't it?