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Real Life Mom Meltdowns, Front and Center

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UPDATE: The Mother of all Meltdowns (paperback & e-book) is now LIVE on AMAZON! If you order it, let me know, I’d love to have you review it!

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a novelist. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a journalist. And then I went to business school…and never wrote again for years.

But somewhere along the way, I found my way back to writing. Last September I started a blog after a short try at the beginning of the year. At first it was really hard to write, and it took me hours upon hours to complete a post. Then the words started flowing easier. Sometimes it still takes me a while to write a post…and other times, I can write one in twenty minutes.

I’m still cautious about what I write, because I think my family has a right to privacy too. My kids have a right to not see their lives played out in social media. The difficulties in our lives are but fleeting moments, but relationships are forever. And so, I feel that it’s important not to play out every inch of your life on your blog.

Recently, I wrote a post about dealing with parenting advice from strangers. As a result of that post, another blogger felt compelled to link back to me and make a couple not so nice comments in her own post about what I wrote. This was my first blogging experience where someone wrote something negative about me (that I know about anyway). Certainly I can improve as a parent…I think we all can. But did she need to do what she did? No. And honestly, it made me feel lousy. I stewed for a few hours. Thank you Kristen and Tamara for being such great blog buddies and telling me to just ignore it. You were right. My point in bringing it back up is when we write about our lives, we put ourselves out there, and that is hard.

The Mother of All Meltdowns Cover

But put myself out there I did once again, along with twenty nine other blog friends, in writing a book about our meltdowns. If you’re a mom, you know no matter how good of a parent you are, you’re going to have a meltdown sooner or later. I’ve had plenty of them. But which to choose? The name of the book truly gave me my answer. There was only one real choice. Take Two Meltdowns and Call Me in the Morning. How’s that for a teaser? You’ll have to wait till the book comes out now!

The Mother of All Meltdowns is a collection of thirty tell-all stories…you’ll chuckle, you’ll belly laugh, and you’ll even be thankful that some of these things didn’t happen to you. But above all, if you’re a mom (or a grandmom), you’ll be able to relate to the stories in our book — because you’ve been there! And if you’re a mom-to-be, you’ll be there soon!

Our big day is here…we just released it in both print and e-book version! Grab a copy, sit back with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and enjoy! And share our site with all your mom friends!

We’d also love it if you would follow The Mother of All Meltdowns on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. And please join us on our website as well! There you can find a list of contributing authors and our blog with more of those “mom moments!” You might even find a story or two from me on there! The fun just keeps on coming!

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Disclosure: Please note that A Dish of Daily Life uses Amazon referral links. When you shop through the Amazon links on this page, you support A Dish of Daily Life at no cost to yourself. Thank you so much — we appreciate it!

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Thursday 10th of October 2013

Kudos and wooohooo on your book! I have no doubt many, many moms will be so encouraged by these stories. I think it is a rare, rare breed of mom who doesn't meltdown. It's just a matter of degrees.

Jodi Flaherty

Tuesday 8th of October 2013

You know how much I enjoyed the book, I am definitely ordering a paperback version! Will be (hopefully) meeting Lisa Witherspoon and Danielle Herzog this weekend at BBC! I can't imagine NOT having a meltdown in your story! XOXOX

Michelle Nahom

Tuesday 8th of October 2013

Oh have fun! I went to Charlotte earlier this year and am going to Dallas next month...looking forward to meeting Jen West in real life there! I'm surprised I didn't have more meltdowns with that one quite honestly -- it was an extremely trying time!

Embracing The Good Life

Sunday 6th of October 2013

What a teaser to what sounds like a great book...I can totally relate with two boys (1 1/2 & 3 + my man child hubby) I have absolutely had a "Mother of all Meltdown" So can't wait to read this!

Michelle Nahom

Monday 7th of October 2013

I think we all have those moments! I hope you love it!


Sunday 6th of October 2013

Michelle, that is so super exciting! I can't wait to lock myself in the bathroom and read the whole thing. :)

Michelle Nahom

Sunday 6th of October 2013

I hope you love it! I know I am biased, but I think it is a great collection of stories! You will be laughing! Can't wait to hear what you think!

Kristi Campbell

Saturday 5th of October 2013

You are so cool. Which means that I am cool too! Well, maybe not AS cool as you but still. EEEP to being in a book! YAYYYY. :)

So happy that I found you this way. What an honor.

Michelle Nahom

Sunday 6th of October 2013

LOL - you are way cooler than me. Can't even fathom that we are published. I'm still on cloud 9. :) I know I already told you, but "It's Just Skin" was amazing...honestly, I can't stop thinking about it.