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Shark sighting? Or Just a Panicky Mom?

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Most of us have had a few panic stricken, heart pounding moments with our kids.


This is one I will never forget. We were at the Jersey shore for a beach vacation. We had our three kids with us, plus my son’s friend. The beach had been super crowded during the day, so we went back to the house, and returned later in the afternoon. The kids and my husband were playing in the water, along with a handful of other people. I was standing there watching…and all of a sudden, I saw a pretty good size fin. Too close for comfort. I turned to the Dad standing next to me, and our conversation went something like this. (Imagine a slightly hysterical mom trying to hold it together.)


Me: Did you see that?

Him: Yeah, its pretty cool to see a dolphin.

Me: Do you know for sure that’s a dolphin?

Him: Uh…no…

At this point, I am frantically yelling at my husband and trying to wave my family and my son’s friend in, but of course they can’t hear anything over the waves. Now people are starting to gather and look and wave their friends and family out of the water. One person had a whistle and started blowing it, trying to get everyone out.

Everyone got out safely, and my family laughed at me. “Oh you were overreacting, it was probably just a dolphin.”

Well, I’m not convinced it was a dolphin. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. But guess what, there were shark sightings all over the Jersey shore that week. It was a pretty panicky mom moment! Better safe than sorry in my opinion!