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Small Organizing Tasks Can Lead to Big Benefits

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For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been tackling little organizing jobs around the kitchen.  My spice drawer was an absolute mess, and the plastic organizing piece I had in there had cracked and broken in several places.  I pulled everything out, consolidated what I could, and ordered a new wooden organizer…my spice drawer looks so much better now!  I found I had a lot of duplicates that I will now have to use up, so the drawer doesn’t look as organized as it could, but its a lot better than it was!  I have a spice cabinet too, that houses salts and peppers, big bottles and specialty spice mixes (I like to cook).  I cleaned that out at the same time and it now has a much more organized feel to it.  And…I can actually find things!  No more searching!

My husband and I have also worked on other cabinets and drawers, here and there.  My husband recently went through the junk drawer (its mostly his drawer).  I tackled the tupperware drawer.  Its amazing how many mismatched pieces we had…all the pieces with no lids went right to recycling!

I haven’t tackled any big jobs yet though, and I have to admit I am nervous to do so!   My track record on staying organized hasn’t been good.   So I decided to sign up for  Virtual Organizing Boot Camp from Office Candy to give me that much needed nudge.  I met Laurie, the owner of Office Candy, through NAPO-CT, of which I am a member (for my photo organizing skills, not my home organizing ones!)  Starting Monday Oct 1st, I’ll be getting an email each weekday morning with instructions on an organizing task that should take no more than 20 minutes. Over the course of a month, all those small tasks will add up!  I hope to learn some new ideas and organizing strategies and become more productive in the process.

It would be easy to say I am going to wait till October before I get started.  After all, organizing can be an overwhelming job.  However, in the meantime, I am going to tackle a “medium size” project, my master closet!  Stay tuned…I’ll let you know how that turns out!