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Stories from the Shoebox: A Blast from the Past

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One of these days I plan to get around to writing down the stories I remember from my childhood for my own kids. That’s something I wish I had from my own parents and grandparents.  I need to go through my parents old photos though, to help me jog the memories for my storytelling!  I find that snippets of memories come back to me, but when I see a photo, it helps me remember a lot more of the story.  I was going through a stash of old photos this evening when I came across this one.  This is me with my chickens.  I think I am about 8 years old.  This photo actually brings back a couple of memories, ironically neither of which have to do with the actual photo.


For one, I don’t remember my chicken’s names, although we treated them like pets.  I do remember my brother’s chicken though…she was black and white speckled, and her name was Nero. She had quite the personality.  She liked to sit on the porch swing with us and swing back and forth, and would steal the lunch meat right out of your sandwich! Actually, she’d pretty much steal any kind of food when you weren’t looking…kind of like my dogs (and cats) do now!

The other memory I have has to do with the sweater I am wearing.  My grandmother, Nanny, crocheted it for me, and it was my favorite sweater!  I wore it all the time, until one day when I was riding my bike to school with the sweater tied around my waist, one of the arms got caught in the chain, and that was the end of my sweater.  I remember being devastated because I loved the sweater, and terrified I was going to get in trouble (which I did not).

Photos can help you bring back details of stories from the past…and fond memories! When was the last time you got out some old photos to reminisce?