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The Airbag at Mt. Snow {Not the Snowboarding Photo Opp I was Looking For}

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Today we are celebrating my youngest son’s birthday, on the ski slopes at Mt. Snow in Vermont.  They have the Airbag here today! For thrill seeking ski and snowboard fans, this is a pretty exciting thing. Of course my guy has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Airbag here.

Airbag at Mt. Snow Photo credit: ©Michelle Nahom

Airbag at Mt. Snow
Photo credit: ©Michelle Nahom

In anticipation of this, I brought my good camera (my beloved Canon 7d) with us. The battery was charged, card reformatted…everything was ready to go. Or so I thought. When I took it out, it wouldn’t turn on at all. Can you say COMPLETE PANIC?! What is it with me and my camera equipment lately?!!! I didn’t bring my charger or another battery (lesson learned) because I wasn’t planning on taking a lot of pictures this weekend. Now I am wondering if the battery simply drained somehow or if my camera needs to go into the shop. I won’t know till we get home and I can try another battery out. Since I shoot sports every single weekend during the soccer season, I am not going to be a happy camper if I need a repair.

Luckily for me, I did bring my my little Nikon 1 V1. This is a great little camera, although I did not plan on using it for this. You can definitely get action shots with it, but it’s much better for close ups. See the picture below? My son is a speck in the photo. Not the snowboarding photo opp I was looking for! However, it does document the moment. He had a lot of fun doing this today!

Mt. Snow, Easter Weekend with the Airbag  Photo credit: ©Michelle Nahom

Mt. Snow, Easter Weekend with the Airbag
Photo credit: ©Michelle Nahom

One of the great things about the Airbag is it gives you the opportunity to try things that you haven’t done before and wouldn’t try without a safety net (or at least that your mother would prefer you did not try without a safety net!). See the picture below. Not a good landing. Actually it wasn’t the worst landing of the day…my husband got a much worse one on video. Good thing for that Airbag!!

Not the landing you want. Photo credit: © Michelle Nahom

Not the landing you want.
Photo credit: © Michelle Nahom

Even though I didn’t get to use the camera I had hoped, I’m glad I had something else with me. Of course, I would have used my cell phone if all else failed, although I would not have been happy about it. The bottom line is that documenting these fun memories (with photos and a little journaling!) whenever you can is important, regardless of whether they are perfect or not!  I’ll be willing to bet my little guy is going to treasure this memory for a long time.

And he had the perfect ending to his birthday…he won a whoopie cushion at the arcade at the restaurant we went to for an early dinner. Guess what we’ll be listening to all the way home?!