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100,000 miles & How Soccer Overtook Our Lives

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We hit a milestone yesterday. 100,000 miles on the minivan! Normally that’s not something I’d be excited about (unless it was the prospect of a new car in my future!). But this milestone was big news around here yesterday.


I used to be a low mileage driver. That was before soccer overtook our lives. Most of the miles on my car are soccer miles…yes, I am a Soccer Mom.  All three of our kids play but our daughter loves it above all other activities, and has since she was little. Years ago, I’m guessing first grade, she informed us that she was done with dance and girl scouts (which was called something completely different at that age, but don’t ask me what). She just knew she loved soccer. I tried to convince her to stay in the girl scout troop at least. Nope, she had made her decision and that was that. To this day, eight years later, she is still like that. She knows what she wants, makes her decisions, and you can’t sway her.

So fast forward eight years…she’s been playing year round ever since and although she has tried other sports, she still loves soccer with that same intensity that she did as a first grader. And so, we drive an hour each way for her practices several times a week, and many of her games are out of state now. Needless to say, we spend A LOT of time in the car.

So this was a big milestone for us. She and my husband have been talking about it all week. The goal has been to hit the 100,000 miles on the way to soccer practice…after all, that was only fitting. This was my car’s odometer yesterday morning. I couldn’t leave the house to run any errands or I would have hit the 100,000 without her. So I put off everything until today, so she could be in the car, on the way to soccer practice, when we hit the 100,000. Silly, I know. But it totally made her day! Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make us happy!