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How Has Your Day Been? Gee, thanks for asking, Facebook…

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Facebook is asking me how my day has been…hmmm…do you really want to know, Facebook? I’m rather grumpy right now.

iStock_000000056633XSmallI’m frustrated because sometime yesterday all my comments disappeared off of my blog. On the advice of my friend and WordPress guru Matt, I deactivated a couple of the plugins I recently installed. My comments came back, but the posts themselves are still showing 0 Comments at the top. So far, we haven’t figured out how to get that number to show back up.

Then, I finally got the nerve to try out my external flash for my Nikon 1 V1 which you may recall in my post Having a Puppy is Like Having a Toddler, made its way outside to the pouring rain as a play toy for our dear pup Murphy. I’ve had it in a plastic baggy filled with rice since finding it, but no luck. It no longer works. I’ll have to buy a new one, or do without for a little bit. Not the outcome I was hoping for!

I also have one kid home with strep, and I still have to finish up my business taxes, which I am working on tonight.

I know I shouldn’t really be complaining…in the vast scheme of things, these are “little” things (and in all honesty, the business tax thing I brought on myself by waiting till the last minute). But I’m still grumpy. At least my husband volunteered to make dinner tonight so I can keep working on it all.

Tomorrow will be better. Positive thinking!


Matt L.

Sunday 7th of April 2013

Well, we finally got it all worked out. SHEESH! Thanks for your patience.. -The so-called "guru" in the article above. ;)