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Tag Team Parenting

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Weekends are usually hectic around here. Once the sports season starts, my husband and I try to juggle 3 kids and their games. It’s always a challenge, and we have to split up to get to everyone’s events. And sometimes, if the schedule doesn’t work out, we have to send a kid with a teammate. I’m sure many of you can relate. We joke around here that it really does take a village – it’s hard to be in multiple places at the same time!

Last weekend started off the sports season for one of our kids. The other two won’t start for a couple more weeks. But we ended up tag teaming anyway.

Not one to pass up the last days of winter, my husband headed to the ski slopes with our boys and some friends (he jammed 4 adults and 8 kids into a 2 bedroom condo with a loft…remind anyone of college? Minus the kids of course!). They had a great time skiing, snowboarding, and building a Blue Submarine box contraption to ride down the mountain in.  Apparently the Blue Submarine did quite well in the races! (It’s a painted Sub Zero box they got from a local appliance store). Other than the fact that my youngest son came down with strep (which we discovered Monday, after the fact), they had a great time. (Now hopefully no one else gets strep!)

Box Car Race at Mt. Snow West Dover, Vermont

Box Car Race at Mt. Snow
West Dover, Vermont

My weekend, on the other hand, was soccer filled. Two days, two games. With travel time, warmup and game time, it definitely takes a chunk out of the day! (And I was also convinced to take my daughter and a teammate to the mall as well…so there went the rest of the day.) I have to admit, although our weekends will be completely jam packed soon with multiple games, I really enjoy watching them play. (Watch for another post soon on why I love being a sports mom!) I also took quite a few pictures. You can tell who the photographer is in our house. My husband took a couple photos of the box car race…I have several hundred of two soccer games.

The soccer season begins!

The soccer season begins!

Next week, we’ll have a little breather with Easter. But after that, the real tag team juggle begins! And I’m looking forward to it!