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Acadia Antlers for Dogs: Feature Friday

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I usually write my Feature Friday posts on a local business but this week I’d like to feature one that is a little further away, although still east coast!  I first learned about Acadia Antlers, a woman owned NJ based business, when I purchased a BarkBox for our one year old German Shepard / Golden Retriever mix.  Murphy is a heavy chewer and a very busy boy.  (If you’ve read any of my posts about him, you know he is quite the rascal.)  In addition to Murphy, we also have two other older dogs, Saint and Clara, both of whom like to chew as well.

One of the items in the BarkBox was a Maine Moose antler dog chew from Acadia Antler, and all three dogs wanted it. It was a small piece, but still lasted quite a while. The antlers are naturally shed, and according to Acadia Antler’s website, moose have the hardest of all antlers, so the chews are extremely long lasting. For us, these have been a great alternative to the rawhide bones that our dogs go through in a matter of hours.  My first purchase was the Moose Multipack (3 pieces for 3 dogs).  The dogs were quite happy when I presented them with their treats.  Unfortunately, when the two older dogs took a break from theirs, Murphy spirited them away to the depths of the backyard.  (Murphy brings everything outside…our dogs have an electronic dog door that allows them to go in and out as they please.)  They lasted a few weeks before they disappeared though, and economically it makes sense to me to buy something that will last weeks versus hours, and keep the dogs busy.

Murphy enjoying his Acadia Antler


Saint was very possessive of her Acadia Antler…Murphy was standing close by waiting to steal it!

So I placed another order, including a couple of Moose buttons, which are great for cleaning teeth.  But this time, when I noticed the dogs were finished with them, I put them in a box in the pantry, to come out again at a later time.  Miraculously, the pieces from the original order started to appear as Murphy retrieved them!  Apparently even if he doesn’t want to chew on the antler, he doesn’t want it moved to a spot where he doesn’t have access to it!   Now he seems to realize he doesn’t have to hide them…there are enough to go around!  There are always a few around now (with backups in the pantry).

If you have a dog that likes to chew, I’d highly recommend Acadia Antlers.  They are a long lasting treat that will keep your dog happy…and busy!  Plus Acadia’s customer service is great, shipping is fast, and they also donate to causes like the US War Dog Association for the war dogs overseas! I have three very happy dogs, and the antlers keep them chewing for weeks on end.  I will never go back to rawhide bones…they love these!

Disclosure:  I did not receive any product in exchange for this review and all opinions are my own.