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Celebrate My One Year Blogiversary with Me with a Great Giveaway!

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Today marks one year since I started this blog. It’s hard for me to believe! If you had asked me a few years ago if I thought I would ever have a blog, I would have said you were out of your mind. What on earth would I have to write about?

Of course a year later, many of you probably know…it’s hard to shut me up sometimes. I always seem to have something to write about. So far, writer’s block has not been an issue for me, although I am sure at some point it will be.

I checked on a few of my stats for the year:

I’ve published 217 posts. I think that’s pretty good!

I have 80 drafts. No, that does not mean I am well prepared for future posts. They are all unfinished. I have a very bad habit of starting to write something, getting another idea, and then ditching my original idea until later. I do this when I am excited about something I am talking about too…drives my husband crazy! Sometimes it’s nice to have the half-finished drafts though…when I can’t think of anything to write, I can usually finish one of these off!

Here’s a few things I’d like to work on:

Blog organization and planning This goes without saying. I’m writing my 1 year bloggiversary post at night (and not the night before). Need I say more?

Guest posting Crystal at Mommifried has a great post on guest bloggers today, and it’s something I’ve been thinking about. I would like to have more guests on my blog, and I’d also like to guest blog on other blogs more often as well. I do have a swap coming up which I am excited about! Recently I had Vinma from A Momless Mom on talking about Parenting in a Foreign Land, and that was very well received.

Learn how to write quicker I know this comes with time. It used to take me forever to get a blog post out. The month that I did the challenge where I had to post every day, I started writing a lot faster. But I could definitely still improve.

One of the things I love the most about blogging is the community. I have made so many wonderful online friends, a number of which I have also been lucky enough to have met in person as well. I decided I wanted to do a giveaway for my bloggiversary, but I thought it would be nice to team up with one of my blog friends for it. So I am very excited to share with you my friend Bev at Linkouture! If you aren’t familiar with Bev, she is an extremely talented artist, and her jewelry is absolutely beautiful. Check out her Etsy shop to see all of her unique jewelry designs! One of my lucky readers will win this gorgeous bracelet worth $50! Will it be you?

1st Bloggiversary Giveaway with Linkouture


Here’s what I want to know!

  • What do you like reading about most on my blog?
  • What would you like to see me write more about?

Good luck!

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Andrea B (

Saturday 21st of September 2013

Congrats! I'm so bad lately that I'm just not seeing as many people's blog posts as I'd like - but my fave type of posts are the ones where writers just write. Share what's happening with their lives and show their true genuine voices. Hugs to you! Yay for one year and here's to many more!


Monday 16th of September 2013

Wahooooo! I truly could not be happier than to help you celebrate your Blogaversary! You're an amazing blogger, an amazing friend and I couldn't be happier to have you as part of my tribe! I love everything you write!


Sunday 15th of September 2013

I can't believe it's only been one year. I hope you know I so admire you and look up to you as a blogger to emulate. A big congrats on your bloggiversary because it is something to celebrate. I love your social media tutorials/break downs, some of the products you have reviewed and introduced, and the posts just about your family, dogs,and daily life. I love that it is a mix.

Michelle Nahom

Monday 16th of September 2013

Stevie, that is probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me! Thank you! That really means a lot to me!! I'm glad you enjoy my blog and I am honored you think so highly of me!


Saturday 14th of September 2013

I find that the quality posts do take time - especially if you have pictures. But, some of my fastest posts are the most popular, so maybe I over think things!

Michelle Nahom

Monday 16th of September 2013

Usually my social media posts get the most engagement, and those usually take me a bit to write. But we probably all overthink things!!

Wendy May

Saturday 14th of September 2013

Wow, such an accomplishment. All those posts, the drafts hanging in waiting. Kudos to you! Congratulations on all of it, plus the over 110 comments I had to scroll through to make mine. Awesome. Can't wait for my 1-year. I need to take some pointers from you.

Wendy @

Michelle Nahom

Saturday 14th of September 2013

It's been a fun year! I can't believe I have so many drafts hanging out there! I definitely need to go through them! I think the comments include my replies back so it's not quite that big of a number, but I was/am definitely feeling a lot of blog love!!