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Family Favorites {Menu Monday}

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menuThis weekend we went skiing with friends, and got home around dinnertime Sunday night. I knew I wasn’t going to be in the mood to plan our meals for the week, so instead I asked everyone for their favorite meal on the way home, and I thought I would go with those this week. The only rule was they had to pick something I make!

My husband told me his favorite is my citrus shrimp, which is a recipe I wing every single time. However, I googled shrimp with citrus marinade and came up with a reasonably close one…I’ll post my version when I actually make it later this week.

My oldest son likes my sausage and broccoli pasta, with no parmesan. The recipe shown actually uses broccoli rabe, but I’m the only one that likes broccoli rabe, so I always use broccoli. My oldest prefers this dish without the parmesan mixed in; my daughter prefers it with. Of course. Why can’t it be easy?!

My daughter picked chicken with lemon caper sauce, another recipe I always wing. The one attached is relatively close to what I usually make. Sometimes I add a little cream as well.

My youngest chose lobster. Figures. Unfortunately for him, that one does not make the weekly menu options. However, his birthday is coming up, and I am sure he will choose that for his birthday dinner. When I told him that was out of the realm of possibilities, he picked tacos.

Planning made easy!