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Fitmark #NiceBag Perfect for a Sports Mom on the Go

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Disclosure: I was thrilled to be offered the Fitmark Dashing Tote free of charge for review. As a sports mom, I need a bag that is well organized, and I did not have one, until now. All opinions are my own…I was quite impressed!

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know I live life constantly on the go. I’m a work at home mom, and my kids are involved in every sport known to man multiple sports year round so basically I’m the carpool goddess as well. I usually squeeze in my own workout first thing in the morning, but sometimes I do have to get creative.

I really am to the point where I need a bag that can accommodate my lifestyle. The old duffel bag I’ve been using is just not cutting it. For one, I like having things in their place. I don’t like everything jumbled together. Two, I need something that is versatile enough to go from the gym or meeting people to run to the kids’ sports practices. Basically, I need a bag that keeps me organized! So when Fitmark asked me to review one of their high quality, functional fitness bags, these were the kind of things I was thinking about when deciding which one I wanted.

Fitmark Bag Styles

So many styles to choose from!

I went with the Dashing Tote, which is fitting for me, because I basically dash from one thing to the next all the time. This bag is perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle!  The Dashing is well made, with a nice quality fabric and great detailing…leather handles and trim, long leather zipper pulls with pink stitching, and gathered stitching details on the front and back that give this particular bag a feminine appeal. Not only is it a great looking bag, but it’s one that is built to last! Even though I haven’t used my bag for very long, I am very comfortable saying this, because I used to work as a product manager for an athletic company a long time ago…in my previous “before kids” life. This is a quality bag!

On Fitmark’s website, they describe the Dashing Tote as “fashionista on the outside, Type A on the inside.” I couldn’t have said it better. It’s definitely a stylish bag…but it packs a whole lot of function in as well! It might look small, but don’t let it fool you…you can get a lot of stuff in this bag. Just check out my pictures below! Fully lined, it comes with compartments for everything you could possibly need! There are two large compartments so you can keep your dirty clothes and clean clothes separate, and the bag also includes a anti microbial bag for your dirty clothes and shoes, because who among us hasn’t forgotten to unpack our dirty laundry after going to the gym?! There are pockets for your toiletries. There is even an insulated pocket for your waterbottle! The Dashing Tote also has two smaller, almost hidden pockets, one zippered, one magnetic, where you can stash your phone, keys, valuables and other small items! It seems like Fitmark has thought of everything to keep us organized! The Dashing Tote comes in black and honeysuckle, and retails for $169.00. The honeysuckle is a beautiful color, but I’m a plain jane, so black for me!

In my pictures below, I have my shoes and workout gear, an outfit to change into, toiletries, makeup, my iPad, hat and gloves, waterbottle, wallet and phone, and there is still plenty of room!

Fitmark Dashing Tote

Fitmark Dashing Tote, packed

I mentioned earlier that sometimes I have to get creative to get my workout in. I have been a runner most of my life. In high school and college, I ran cross country and track, and it was easy to keep up with my workouts because they were scheduled for me. Now with three teenagers, and being constantly on the go, sometimes I have to be a little more flexible…and even more so around the holidays!

My Top Tips for Staying in Shape Around the Holidays:

  • Work out first thing in the morning if you can. I find the longer in the day I wait, the harder it is to get it done. Working from home, there is always something on my calendar that needs to get done, and before I know it, the kids are home and carpool duty is on!
  • Work out with a friend. If you make plans with a friend, you’re less likely to cancel them! I know, because I can be the world’s worst procrastinator at times!
  • If you’re short on time, just run for a mile or two. This is a little trick I use sometimes to make myself get out there for a run even when I’m not feeling like it! Around the holidays, we can feel stressed and overwhelmed with all we have to do, but I do find that just getting out there for even a short distance helps alleviate stress. And honestly, once I am out there, even if I told myself that I was only going for a couple miles, I end up going for “just a little more!”
  • Schedule your workout. Block out the time on your calendar. As I mentioned before, I work from home. I can’t tell you how many times I jumped right into my work schedule first thing in the morning, intending to get my workout done “in just a little bit.” When I don’t schedule it, the workout doesn’t always happen.
  • Multi task. Last but not least, multi task with your workouts. My husband runs when he’s on carpool duty for the kids’ sports practice. I usually work on blog posts then, but I have on occasion worked out as well. Most of our kid’s practices aren’t near home, so it’s more productive to just stay put and get something done while we’re waiting. Another idea is to do a workout while you’re watching tv. If you’re going to watch anyway, do some planks…or pushups…or squats…or whatever you want to do. Make that time count.

If you have an athlete in your life, you should definitely check out Fitmark’s website. Any of their bags would be a great gift for someone who works out…or a sports mom on the go! They truly have something for everyone. But if you want your bag to arrive for the holidays, make sure you order before December 15th!

In case you just can’t wait to see if one of these great bags makes it’s way under the tree for Christmas, Fitmark also has a  30 Bags in 30 Days Giveaway going on!  How cool would that be to win?! Stop by to visit them on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram as well (hashtag #Nicebag). I know they’d love to connect with you there!

Fitmark 30 Bags in 30 Days Giveaway

Which Fitmark bag are you wishing for this holiday season? 

Disclosure: Big thanks to Fitmark for providing me with the awesome Dashing Tote for review! All opinions stated in this review are my own.

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Sunday 15th of December 2013

That looks like a great bag! I like all of the little pockets and dividers. Definitely a must for organization!


Sunday 15th of December 2013

This tote seems to have so much room! I really love this! And so many styles to choose from too. Great review Michelle :)


Saturday 14th of December 2013

I've been drooling over that bag! It looks as amazing as I thought it would be!


Friday 13th of December 2013

SO pretty I love it!! I want one! cmon Santa!


Friday 13th of December 2013

At first I thought they were describing me when they said "Fashionista on the outside, type A on the inside!" HA! I love that and I love this bag. I'm going to share this on FB so if anyone is looking for a gift for me… Thanks Michelle!!