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Mom Meltdown? Why This Hasn’t Been My Month!

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The events of this month have been the stuff meltdowns are made of. It’s been one thing after the other…a comedy of errors so to speak. Most of it has been par for the course…things happen. But the cat stories…well I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Mom Meltdown

Here’s a rundown of my month:

  • I fell down the stairs, bruising myself from head to toe. The computer came down with me, but luckily survived.
  • My oldest son cracked the windshield on my husband’s truck, cracked the glass on his phone, and then managed to lose his iPad mini all in one day (thankfully someone at school found the iPad mini).
  • The washing machine started smoking. I thought the house was on fire because the whole downstairs smelled like smoke. Turns out my daughter had overstuffed the machine, washing everything in her room because of a cat escapade.
  • Of course there were cat escapades.

Our cats are givers. They shower us with love mice. We originally got our kitties because we had a mouse problem. And yet…three years, four cats later, we still seem to have mice. The difference is, our cats bring them to us. If you want to understand why your cats do what they do, you might want to read How to Tell if Your Cat Loves You.

How would you feel if you woke up with a dead mouse in bed with you? That actually happened to our oldest son! His cat tucked a “gift” in his sweatshirt one night, and then went to sleep at the end of his bed.  He was half asleep, and she was playing with the drawstrings on his sweatshirt. Or so he thought. She seemed quite pleased with herself in the morning when he discovered it. My son, on the other hand, was not at all pleased to find a dead mouse in his sweatshirt. 

Then the other night my daughter’s cat delivered a live mouse to her room. Picture this scene. My daughter was screaming because there was a little live creature scampering around her room. My husband headed up to catch the thing, armed with a flashlight and the cat who was most likely the culprit behind this caper (there’s a history here). There was a little yelling…perhaps a mini meltdown on my husband’s part…due to the state of our daughter’s room. (Her idea of cleaning is to shove everything in the corners…which is a great place for a scared mouse to hide.) During the yelling portion of this scene, the cat got so scared, she peed on bed. Unfortunately there was no mattress pad on the bed, because someone put it in the dryer the other day and part of it melted. Given that my daughter is a teenager, I wasn’t feeling rushed to get another. I guess I should have been. On another note, although things didn’t work out too well with the bed, they ended up catching the terrified mouse in a plastic container and transferring it to the yard where hopefully it will stay and live happily ever after.

I feel like my month has been meltdown worthy this month! Funny, right? If you can’t laugh at this stuff, you might want to cry!

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Here’s to a wonderful rest of the holiday season! Merry Christmas!

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Leah Elizabeth Locklear

Saturday 28th of December 2013

Oh my goodness Michelle! What a crazy month indeed it seems your son had a horrible day as well! Cracking the windshield, cracking his phone and losing his i-pad mini!!??!!! Jeeezzz, I would lose it if there was a mouse running around in my room!! I am such a wimp when it comes to that type of stuff! haha!!! Glad you can look back at it now and have a smile though! LIFE.. it's nuts isn't it??!! ~Leah~

Michelle Nahom

Saturday 28th of December 2013

This was definitely not my month and believe it or not, it just kept on going! My youngest fractured his wrist and we had a camera accident in which my sports lens was broken...I am so ready for 2014!!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Leah! Here's to a fabulous New Year!


Sunday 22nd of December 2013

Not that I'm superstitious, or a really bad friend, but just in case all this bad luck is contagious you won't mind if I run to the other side of the street when I see you coming, right?

That's sounds like a pretty bad fall you had. Hope things get better for you quickly.

Michelle Nahom

Monday 23rd of December 2013

Honestly, I'd run too Karen! This has not been my month - the bad luck keeps piling up...this was one of those weekends where I just had to say WTH? But I'll count my blessings...there's always good too...gotta focus on that!


Thursday 19th of December 2013

On one hand, I am so sorry for your difficulties! On the other, the optimist in me can't help but think, "Wow, at least it's more great fodder for another book."

When we were innkeepers, a family came to us to say there was a mouse in their room. :-O My hubby had to go down and catch it and release it back into the rural NH wilderness we called home. I don't know if we were ever more embarrassed, but the family was amused, as they felt they had a "real" country experience while staying with us.

Here's to a merry Christmas and a fabulous new year!

Michelle Nahom

Monday 23rd of December 2013

You're right...I have plenty for another book! This has been the month of all months! Merry Christmas to you too Kim!


Wednesday 18th of December 2013

What a crazy month! You really do have to laugh - and keep laughing!!

Michelle Nahom

Monday 23rd of December 2013

Pretty much! This has been quite the month! I'm looking forward to 2014!


Wednesday 18th of December 2013

oh my goodness Michelle, I laughed so hard at this one! I would absolutely be a scared MESS if my cat delivered those kinds of gifts!! Wow. But it was still super hysterical that she overstuffed the machine BECAUSE of said cat-tastrophe (I crack myself up!) haha.

Michelle Nahom

Monday 23rd of December 2013

Cat-tastrophe...that is a good one! You crack me up too!