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Freezing a Moment in Time with a Photo

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One of the wonderful things about photos is they allow us to re-live memories and remember things from the past.  They allow us to freeze a moment in time.

Our puppy Murphy is the only dog we’ve had that has joined our family as a puppy.  I really wanted to remember that adorable stage, so I tried to take lots of pictures of him early on!  My favorite was this one of him sleeping between a pair of work boots.

Recently I decided to have the picture hand painted on a canvas through a company that I work with as a Memory Maker consultant called AnyArt*.  With AnyArt, you can turn your photo into a work of art…they will take your photo and have it hand painted by one of their artists.  This is not a computer generated oil painting which is then printed directly onto canvas; it is actually hand painted.  (They do also print photos directly onto canvas). You don’t have to be a Memory Maker consultant to order through AnyArt* but you do have to order through one of their members.

I just love how this came out!  It’s nice to have something like this to remember those days when he was so little.  I do wish I’d had it painted larger (I chose the 11 x 14 size). I’m glad I asked them to take out the distracting sneaker in the corner.   I’ll be hanging it up soon….just have to find the perfect spot for my new piece of wall art!

*this blog contains links to my AnyArt website.