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Having a Puppy is Like Having a Toddler

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2012-11-03 at 05-29-50Having a puppy is like having a toddler…and I feel like I’m at a disadvantage here. You see, I haven’t had a toddler for about 10 years. Apparently I’ve forgotten what kind mischief a toddler can get into. I should know better…those of you who have seen my posts about Murphy know he has gotten himself into all kinds of trouble, including visiting a Spanish class at a local high school. But he’s a year and a half now, and his escapades seemed to be slowing down.

He made up for it the last couple of days. On Sunday night, we had dinner at my in-laws. My in-laws live next door, so we were walking over, when we heard Murphy making a racket with the fence.  As we turned around to see what was going on, he bent the rungs of our aluminum fence and launched himself through, running to catch up with us. It’s amazing that a 70 lb dog can squeeze himself through the rungs on a pool fence! It was quite the sight to see, and it happened in a matter of seconds!

Then this morning, as I was working at the dining room table, I heard a banging in the kitchen. Apparently he has figured out if he smacks the lazy susan, the door will pop open and he can help himself to the contents. I caught him leaving the kitchen and heading out to the pool area (we have an electronic dog door) with a brand new box of organic cereal in his mouth. He couldn’t have taken the cheap stuff that my oldest son likes, Honeycomb….of course not! He had to take the good stuff.

Then the real corker was tonight. My husband went outside to get something and found the EXTERNAL FLASH to one of my cameras outside in the yard, which is where Murphy brings all of his “treasures.” Did I mention it was POURING RAIN all day here today?! Oh, I am not a happy puppy mom! It was not left out…he took it out of my purse. Right now its sitting in a bag of rice. I am hoping it survives.

I hope he outgrows this. This is getting expensive. Do you have a mischievous dog?


Friday 12th of April 2013

Our dog Penny goes into my kids rooms and takes their toys. She doesn't chew them up, she just drops them all over the house. I can be picking up webkins all day and my kids don't even play with them anymore! I love it when a dog does something naughty and then they give you the saddest "but I just couldn't help myself" kind of look. Just when you think they are completely untrainable and not so smart they win you over ....... maybe they know exactly what they are doing?

We should go hiking with our dogs. Maybe a little extra exercise would cut down on the stealing?