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It’s National Sleep in Public Day! No, I’m not making that up!

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sleepingDid you know today is National Sleep in Public Day? Who knew there was such a day?! I’d love to know who comes up with this stuff.

I am really good at sleeping in public. I’ve fallen asleep in some pretty funny places. Moms are notoriously sleep deprived.

To be completely honest though, I was good at sleeping in public even before kids. Back in my college days, I could fall asleep in a bar. Just ask my husband.

These days I’m pretty good at it too. I’ve been known to catch a catnap at soccer tournaments in between games, on the chair lift in between ski runs, and at the nail salon. Last week we went at a friend’s house after going out to dinner. It was late, and I was exhausted…it had been a long week for me, but my husband wanted to go. I ended up taking a nap in their papasan chair. (For the record, I wouldn’t take a nap at just anyone’s house…they ARE really good friends). But as my friend Karen says, “There is nothing better than friends that feel like family.”

Where’s the funniest place you’ve ever fallen asleep?