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Leaving Cabinets Open is a Risk When You Have a Puppy

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I came home from my run today to be greeted by two dogs, rather than three.  (I often run with the dogs, but today I went with a friend to a different location and my husband ran with the dogs, so they did get to run.)  Guessing that the third dog was up to something (and was I ever right!), I called him a couple times before venturing out in the pool area to see what he had gotten into.  We have an electronic dog door that our dogs let themselves in and out of during the day.  Let’s just say Murphy was very occupied…and quite happy with himself!

This morning in his rush to get out of the house, my husband left the door to the lazy Susan cabinet open in the kitchen.  Our sweet, but very busy puppy helped himself to a feast!  He must have made several trips to bring his “finds” outside…a box of Chamomile tea, Honeycomb cereal, a bag of pretzels, and my favorite, a sack of King Arthur flour.  Seriously, flour?  Not exactly a tasty treat by itself.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Murphy really was comical with his paws and whiskers covered in white!

I did take a picture, and started to clean up but then realized when I went to download the photos that I had no memory card in the camera!  A comedy of errors all around today.  So I loaded my memory card back in, but he was considerably cleaned up at that point. You get the idea though.

Usually a tired dog is not quite as busy, but I guess his run wasn’t long enough this morning!