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Menu Monday 10/8

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Since the weekend was filled with soccer tournaments, I’m a little behind the eight ball on getting my menu plan done for the week.  But here’s what we’re having!

Monday: Salmon, Leeks and Peppers with Bow-Tie Pasta & salad with veggies from the farm*

This is the closest recipe I could find to what I actually make.  However, I use 2-3 leeks rather than 1, and I include green parts as well.  I saute the leeks and red pepper in a couple tablespoons of olive oil and about a half of a tablespoon of butter.  I use 2 cups of white wine (and boil down) and a lb of bow tie pasta – we have 5 people to feed in this house and we also like leftovers!

Tuesday: Black bean soup and soft tacos, vegetable from the farm*

My husband made this over the weekend and we have leftovers that we will pair with tacos (which the kids love).  His changes to the recipe?  He omitted the bacon, sherry, lemon slices and hard boiled egg.  He did add a few small pieces of ham.  Personally I could have done without that, but it was fine either way.  I prefer my black bean soup smooth. The soup was delicious, and I may add in a little orange juice and lime slices to the bowl when we have it the second time around, which is usually how I make my own version of black bean soup.  Stay tuned; we’ll have my version at some point too!vegetables from the farm*

Wednesday: Pan-Fried Stuffed Chicken with Prosciutto, Mozzarella, and Basil and vegetables from the farm*

My kids have liked a variation of this recipe that I have made before (which I ad libbed, which is what I usually do with recipes, unless I am baking), so I’m going to try a slightly different recipe.  However, I’ll probably still ad lib to a certain extent.  I picked this recipe though because it has a sauce that I thought might be interesting!

ThursdayCrockpot Cauliflower Sweet Potato Bisque and Paninis

My cousin Rachel suggested this recipe.  It looks good and I am always up to try new soups.  Rachel has her own blog Studio Cuisine, if you’re looking for some more recipe inspiration.

If you need some Panini inspiration, check these recipes out from Panini Happy.  I think we’ll do a little experimenting this week from the types of paninis we normally make.

Friday: Pasta Primavera

My daughter loves Pasta Primavera recipes so I think we’ll try this one this week.  I may make some substitutions on the vegetables.  I’ll probably add in carrots and see what we’ve got from the farm that will work.

*We belong to a local CSA, so we will continue to get farm fresh veggies for a bit longer!