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Menu Monday 11/26/12: Soup and Paninis

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Well this week I am behind the eight ball.  I was away all weekend at a soccer tournament and never figured out a menu for this week.  I’m going out tonight for a friend’s birthday, so my husband is cooking for the kids.  He doesn’t have a plan yet, but told me he would make tonight’s and tomorrow night’s meal today!  So I will not have to cook tomorrow!!  Then my sister in law is coming in at the end of the week and staying with my in laws, so we’ll also be eating some meals over there as well.  So I am going to come up with the one meal I know I will need for sure!

I’m going the comfort food route this week and planning a soup and panini night!  A (long) while back I made a knockoff Panera Bread Broccoli Cheese Soup recipe and everyone liked it.  I haven’t made it in eons, so we’re putting it on the menu this week!  I won’t be doing the soup in a bread bowl though because we’re doing paninis.

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

I wish I could say I’ll be making the panini below with leftovers but I won’t…we’ve already eaten all of our leftover turkey!  Those of us who are more adventurous will have the Garlic and Onion Jam on our paninis…I am sure the boys will want to stick to meat and cheese.   I’m already looking forward to this meal!

Turkey & Gruyere Panini with Roasted Garlic & Onion Jam from Panini Happy