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TrailHeads: Feature Friday

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I first was introduced to TrailHeads last year by my friend Mark Charpentier, who heads up the TrailHeads sales efforts and knows I like to run.  Many years ago, we both worked for a company where lunch hour runs or bike rides were commonplace and more often than not, I spent my lunch hour on the roads with my fellow co-workers.  I’ve actually been running most of my life…I ran competitively in high school and college and although I now just run for fun, it’s definitely still a part of my everyday lifestyle.  However, I also live in the Northeast where the winters can get pretty cold (and fall and spring aren’t always warm either)!  I don’t really like to run on the treadmill.  So that means I’m outside running in the cold a fair amount.

Always game to try something new, I ordered a hat and gloves for myself.  I’ve decided I prefer hats to headbands now, and the TrailHeads hats are pretty comfy and look great.  They make these cool Goodbye Girl Ponytail Headbands and Hats with a little hole to put your ponytail through, which is convenient.


The gloves I ordered were convertible fleece mittens.  My hands are always cold.  You can free your fingers up and tuck the mitten part back into the glove, or use the mitten part for extra warmth.  These are my favorite gloves ever!  I don’t go anywhere without them when it’s cold.  Seriously.  In addition to running in them, and wearing them fingerless when I am out and about, I use them all the time for shooting fall sports…they are perfect because they leave my fingers free (a necessity for picture taking) but keep my hands warm enough to keep the camera steady (important if you want sharp photos)!


They might have some competition soon though…they just came out with the Twister Running Glove with a touch screen feature – you can text with these gloves! They’re pretty cool too.  My kids keep trying to steal them so I may have to pony up and get some stocking stuffers for them!


Besides the fact that TrailHeads products are great looking and well made, the company is located one town over from me!  It’s really nice to be able to buy from a local company and support the local economy!  I met the owners Ed and Stephanie Raftery at the Kent Pumpkin Run, and they are really nice, down to earth people.  If you’re into any kind of winter sports…running, cross country skiing, or snowshoeing…check TrailHeads out!


*Disclaimer: I did not receive any product in exchange for this review and all opinions are my own.