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Not So Proud (but kind of funny) Parenting Moments

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Anyone who says parenting is easy has never been a parent! Our kids are older now, but we have a lot of funny memories that we look back on and just shake our heads and laugh. Whether inexperienced parenting played a part or the fact that we were just overtired, here’s some of our favorite funny moments.

Not So Proud (but kind of funny) Parenting Moments

New Parent Fail When we first became new parents, we had no clue what we are doing. If anyone needed a baby manual, it was us. We brought our baby home and were so relieved that he was such a good sleeper. In fact, he slept for hours upon hours in the vibrating crib, to the point that we became alarmed because we couldn’t wake him up. I think he slept for something like 6 hours straight, well past his feeding time. Panicked, we called our pediatrician and explained the situation. He must have holding back laughter as he said “Did you try turning it off?” Yeah…that works.

No eyes in the back of my head I was pregnant with my third, and we were building an addition on our home and my husband was painting when my preschool age son told my toddler daughter that she should pour a bucket of paint on her head. Not just any bucket of paint though, which would have been bad enough, but primer paint. Oh her beautiful curls…we had to cut most of her hair off. The curls never grew back in.

Pranked over and over again…you think I’d learn My youngest has been pranking us since a very young age. You can read about his butterfly and tartantula prank here. Another one of his lovely pranks was on a cruise we went on with my husband’s family, also when he was very little. I had purchased a really nice bathing suit wrap on another trip…it was my big splurge on the trip, my vacation souvenir. I went to get it before going out to the pool, and it was nowhere to be found. We searched our cabin upside down and inside out and could not find it. All the while the kids were in the room and knew exactly what we were looking for. Finally completely exasperated, I decided to just skip the pool. My little guy at that point walked over the couch cushion, unzipped it and pulled out the wrap. Like I ever would have found it there!

You’re wearing what?  I am not always on top of the little things, like monitoring what the kids wear to school. When my boys were younger, they often times got away with wearing the same outfit two days in a row because I simply didn’t notice until after the fact. And yes, that probably means they slept in those same clothes. I think I was overtired a lot back then. Anyway, that’s my excuse and I am sticking with it! My oldest took it to a whole new level when he went to school wearing two different shoes. No, I didn’t notice. I got a phone call partway through the day when HE noticed that he was wearing two different shoes. The funny thing was is that they were two different types of shoes completely…one was a sneaker, one was a boot. Apparently he is his mother’s son…completely oblivious to certain details.

Unsupervised packing is not a good idea Besides the trip where one of our sons forgot underwear, our most memorable packing fail came at the airport. In our infinite wisdom, we had decided to let the kids pack their carry ons for a trip to visit their cousins. Going through security, our youngest son’s bag was flagged, and we were pulled aside. A very unamused member of the security personnel pulled a toy gun and a pair of scissors from his bag. Needless to say, we were quite embarrassed. What kind of parent lets their kid pack this stuff? Note to self: check the bags before you leave the house.

Holiday planning is probably a good idea I have written about the letter Santa never got before. It’s so hard to make sure everything is even with three kids at Christmastime, especially when you don’t keep track of it all and then try to figure it out while you are wrapping the night before. (I don’t recommend this strategy, by the way!). Of course, we managed to blow it. After the kids had opened all of their presents, our youngest turned to us with a sad look, and said  “I’m beginning to think that Santa never got my letter.”  Thankfully we had a toy guitar tucked away upstairs that we had decided to save for another day. We “planted” it by the front door, and told him that Santa must have dropped it. Epic save!

Blowing the whistle on Santa My youngest explained to his friends in school in 2nd grade why Santa could not possibly exist. Yes, that was my kid. No, he didn’t hear it from us. This is a child that comes up with his own line of reasoning for everything. For one, not everyone has a chimney. Plus if Santa was real, why were we buying presents for a family in need? Why wasn’t Santa bringing them presents too? And why do some people get a board game and others get a PlayStation? I get his line of reasoning, but second grade? And couldn’t he have kept the information to himself? Or asked me first?

 Never assume Those parenting moments never seem to completely end though. The other day I left my phone in Panera Bread when I stopped to get bagels for the morning. Right before bedtime, we got a call from my cell phone. My oldest was confused when he saw my cell number on caller id, and even more so when he answered and no one replied. Then they called again, and this time I answered. Again no reply. My husband and I automatically assumed it was our youngest pranking us (yes same child as above, much older now) and my husband yelled at him to come downstairs now. A very confused child came down at the same time as Panera called yet again, on their regular line to let me know I left my phone there! At least he has a sense of humor…we all had a good laugh over it. If you’d like to read about one of my more recent “what was I thinking moments,” check out this post! I’m going to go with another overtired moment on this one!

Tell us about one of your funny parenting moments! (I really need to hear I am not alone here!)

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Monday 14th of April 2014

I can COMPLETELY identify with the the You're wearing what?? If my kids had on clean underwear, I feel pretty successful most mornings! (Probably because I'm more interested in reading #LOBS posts than getting them out the door on Monday morning, but that's a whole different post!)


Saturday 12th of April 2014

This is hilarious. And I'm sitting here, trying to remember if I have any doozies like these. I am also overtired, and I have probably blocked out a lot of stuff since I don't have enough years yet between whatever happened and now to find it funny...

Michelle Nahom

Saturday 12th of April 2014

Sadly, I have plenty more too! There's a linkup called TuesdayTen where this week they are talking about 10 mistakes you have made and thinking about it, I'm not sure I want to admit to too many more...hahaha!


Friday 11th of April 2014

Michelle, I have been laughing out loud and reading to Greg since I started reading this post. Hilarious! I didn't realize E was such a prankster. I guess if he hasn't taught N anything by now, I'm safe.

Michelle Nahom

Friday 11th of April 2014

Don't you remember when E told me that they fed the butterflies to the tarantulas and N said no? And E stuck by his story until I asked the camp counselors...and then when they outed him, he said "tricked ya!" He doesn't pull as much as he used to, but he still pranks us sometimes.

Theres Just One Mommy

Thursday 10th of April 2014

Oh, you are not alone! The paint one... Wow. What a story to tell one day!

Michelle Nahom

Friday 11th of April 2014

The kids still laugh about it. What a nightmare!


Wednesday 31st of July 2013

I could fill a whole blog with funny patenting mishaps, and my kid is only 6! Just a tip worth knowing, washing with conditioner usually gets paint out if hair. My son has super curly hair (my most recent blog post is proof) and we've used the conditioner trick many times.

Michelle Nahom

Thursday 1st of August 2013

Really good to know this, but I wish I had known it back then. We were so bummed when we had to cut off her beautiful curls. Of course she and her brother thought it was the funniest prank ever...