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Sports Mom: What To Expect on the Sidelines

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Sports Moms What to Expect on the Sidelines

My family lives and breathes sports. My husband and I ran cross country and track in high school and college, so it seemed a given that eventually our children would run. But of course when you think something will be the case, it never is, and while all of our children have tried running, only one so far really loves it.

My oldest hates running, unless it revolves around chasing a soccer ball.

My middle child is also addicted to soccer. Unlike her older brother, she does like running…she likes the fact that you control your own destiny…the fastest person wins. But she loves the camaraderie of soccer, the competition, the “high” of the “team win.”  And so, thus far, soccer has trumped running.

My youngest child enjoys the seasons with gusto…if you ask him what his favorite sport is, he’ll ask you which season? For him, in the fall, it is cross country; the winter, snowboarding; the spring, BMX racing. And yes, he plays soccer too.

My friend Nicole at Work in Sweats Mama has two little ones…her oldest is a chip off the mama block and holds age group records for her running already! But chances are at some point her children will try team sports too, and so Nicole asked me to join her on her blog today and talk about what to expect as she joins the other parents on the sidelines.

With team sports there is usually a different dynamic than there is with individual sports…both with the coaches and other parents. So today, I am over at Nicole’s place talking about What to Expect When You’re a Sports Mom. Please visit me over there and if you’ve never been to Nicole’s blog before, check out some of her other posts as well…I promise you’ll be glad you did!

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Monday 10th of February 2014

I enjoy my children playing sports because I like interacting with the other moms on the team. I've heard people say they've had issues but not me.

My son played football and is getting ready to gear up for baseball and for the first time my 3 year old is going to be playing T-ball. I am so excited for the season to start.

One thing about being a sports mom is you really have to be organized when it comes to meal planning because the evening can get rushed with homework, meals and practice. I wouldn't trade it!! Heading over to read the article!

Michelle Nahom

Monday 10th of February 2014

I completely agree on the meal planning. We do most of it on Sunday night because our weeks are usually so hectic! I have made some great friendships among the parents...some of my closest friends are from my children's younger travel days. I've also run into some "interesting characters" but I just try to steer clear. :)


Monday 10th of February 2014

I don't think my first comment showed up but I grew up in a hockey family and my hubby is big into hockey. I know what's in my future ;) lol

Michelle Nahom

Monday 10th of February 2014

Hockey is definitely time consuming...we have friends with kids that play! But it's fun to watch the kids play -- I wouldn't change anything!


Thursday 6th of February 2014

Heading over to go check it out! I know this list of expectations will be great!


Thursday 6th of February 2014

Wonderful topic! I don't think all of us know or are prepared for the parent side of sports.


Wednesday 5th of February 2014

Loved it! Great job at Nicole's place today! :)-Ashley