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How to use Facebook Interest Lists to Drive more Likes, Comments, and Shares

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Facebook Interest Lists

Frustrated by the big drop in number of fans that Facebook is showing your posts to?

We’ve all gotten used to what amounts to free advertising on Facebook. However, Facebook is a business. It was only a matter of time before they started asking us to pay to get our blogs (and small businesses)  in front of more people.

It’s not a novel idea. Most businesses pay for advertising. If you’re a small business, you may want to consider paying for some advertising on Facebook. In fact, I recommend that you do. But if you’re a blogger, you probably don’t have much (if any) of a marketing budget.

So I’d like to offer you another solution.

Using Facebook Interest Lists can benefit bloggers and small businesses

Setting up a Facebook Interest List of your favorite pages allows you to organize your feed to see the posts most important to you. But how does that get YOU more engagement?

Think in terms of networking…

  • When your network (think blogging tribe, business networking group) adds your page to their Interest lists, Facebook will show them the best posts from that list in their main feed.
  • Note that what Facebook deems the “best posts” may not be the ones you consider to be the “best posts.” If you want to see all the posts from your Interest List, all you have to do is click on the Interest List itself.
  • If your network is now able to easily see all of your posts, it’s much easier to like, comment, and share.
  • The more people that like, comment and share, the more important Facebook deems your post, and the more people Facebook will then show that particular post to.
  • When someone shares your post, they are sharing with their own community. Some of those new people may “Like” your page and join your community of followers as well.

See how nicely that works? And you didn’t even have to pay to boost your post!

If you are part of a blogging tribe or business networking group, set up a Facebook Interest List that the entire group can follow, and ask everyone in the group to make using it (liking, commenting and sharing) part of their regular Facebook routine. You’ll see the numbers of people who see your posts go up! This is an easy way to help every member of your group with their Facebook marketing, without breaking the bank.

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Ready to set up an Interest List?

When you Like a page, click the drop down menu, and click on Interest Lists.

Add to Interest Lists

Click Add to Interest Lists

Pick New Lists.

Click Next and it will prompt you to name your list, and select the privacy level.

Facebook Interest Lists Create a New List

You can then add more Pages or People to your list.

Once the list is created, you can also add more Pages by clicking on the list itself and then clicking on Manage the List.  

Facebook Interest Lists Manage List

If you’re using this with your blogging tribe or business networking group, simply use the Share button, so that they can follow it as well.

When you create or subscribe to a list, it will show up in the Interests section down at the bottom left hand side of your home page. However, you can add specific lists to your Favorites as well.

You could organize your Interest Lists in a variety of ways: business networking group, blog group, topic (ie: recipes, DIY), even your most important blog commenters.

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Channon Gray

Sunday 11th of January 2015

Hello, I just want to thank you for posting a super helpful post! I created a student type blog back in September, which essentially is just a place to share my university experiences with my friends and family. However, lately my traffic to my blog has slowed down but since creating an actual Facebook like page it has improved dramatically so thank you! Although I am still a bit confused on how the facebook lists work, because how do I find blog like pages in the first place to add? If anyone wants to then you can add me and I'll add you back :) super awesome, helpful post!

Michelle Nahom

Wednesday 21st of January 2015

You definitely need to find a blog "tribe" to do this and have it work properly. Other like-minded bloggers who read your blog on a regular basis are the best people to do this with. Once you have a few blog friends who are willing to do this, you can use Facebook Interest lists to help you drive engagement on your Facebook page.


Tuesday 24th of June 2014

I have personal interests lists but I didn't know that we could invite others to share them. I'll have to give this a try to increase shares and engagement.


Friday 23rd of May 2014

What a great post. This is definitely something I'm going to do. Great alternative to paid advertising!

Michelle Nahom

Friday 23rd of May 2014

I'm so glad you found it helpful! It's definitely a great alternative to paid advertising...I don't know any bloggers who have the budget to boost all the time!


Friday 23rd of May 2014

Thanks! I pinned this to review again. Great tips and ideas that I had no clue about. Thanks again!

Michelle Nahom

Friday 23rd of May 2014

I am so glad you found it helpful! It really does work if you have a group of like minded individuals who share the same interests.


Friday 23rd of May 2014

I love lists. I use them professionally to keep tabs on my competition ;) as well as an easy way to access all my clients. Not sure how I missed this the first time around but YAY for it being on SITS today! And thanks for using my header :)

Michelle Nahom

Friday 23rd of May 2014

Excellent points as well...we could be using our lists in a variety of ways! Thanks for pointing that out!