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Young Entrepreneurs

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Success on the laptopNow that my kids are in the teen and preteen years, they seem to have a constant need for money of their own.  They want to go to the movies; they want electronic gear; they want new clothes….and the list goes on. I could just give them an allowance, but I think its important for them to earn some of their own money. I do occasionally pay for odd jobs around the house, but not for regular chores. Earning their own money and making their own spending choices teaches them the value of a dollar, how to budget, and self restraint.

My youngest son, in his quest for a little cash to call his own, has become quite the entrepreneur.  Earlier this year, we found him taking apart old bikes, and making bracelets out of the bike chain to sell to friends.  More recently as we’ve begun our clean up and reorganization around the house, he decided to become an Ebay entrepreneur. We give him the items we would like to sell…he takes the photos, prepares the listing, and tracks the progress throughout the bidding.  When the item is sold, he gives us all the shipping information.  For his efforts, he’s getting 20%.  Seems like a pretty fair deal to me.

For those who have played competitive sports, becoming a referee is a good source of income. My daughter is a soccer referee in the spring and fall, and she babysits whenever she gets the chance.  My oldest son works on a farm in the summer.  He used to ref as well but got tired of the verbal abuse from parents (that’s a whole other post). If your kids are looking for ideas for work and aren’t quite old enough to work in a restaurant or retail shop, check out this post for jobs your kids can do and why they should work.

Do your kids work? What kind of jobs do they do?