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Sweet Chili Edamame

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The mix of flavors in this sweet chili edamame is perfect. This is a dish that takes regular edamame and turns it into a perfect chili garlic edamame masterpiece. Taking a classic snack to new heights, this deserves a spot in your next gathering.


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Let me introduce you to my new favorite healthy indulgence-sweet chili edamame.

And it isn’t even a real indulgence since it is packed with all kinds of nutrients and vitamins!

This sweet and spicy edamame recipe is full of protein, and superfoods like ginger and garlic.

The sweetener is also real maple syrup, giving you a perfect sweetness without overpowering this dish.

And it comes together so quickly.

With only 7 ingredients, you can get a perfect spicy garlic edamame ready for snack, appetizer, or a party in no time.

And it is just as good when you make it in advance and serve it later as it is when you serve it fresh!

Whether you’re seeking a flavorful side dish for your weeknight dinner or a fun snack for movie night, sweet chili edamame fits the bill.

It is a crowd-pleaser for many different occasions.


Boiled edamame in a pot


What is Edamame?

Edamame are young soybeans, harvested before they fully ripen.

These vibrant green pods are also a nutritional powerhouse.

Rich in protein, fiber, and various essential nutrients, edamame is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine.


drained edamame ice to cool down.


What Ingredients are in Sweet Chili Edamame?

  • Edamame: The star of the show, young soybeans give a crunch and a boost of plant-based protein.
  • Sesame Oil: adds a nutty aroma and depth to the sweet spicy edamame.
  • Cloves of Garlic: Mince it for garlicky flavors that improve the overall flavor profile of the dish.
  • Fresh Ginger Paste: adds warm and spicy notes to the sauce.
  • Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce: brings a perfect balance of sweetness and heat.
  • Soy Sauce: choose a gluten-free version for a savory umami taste.
  • Maple Syrup (or Water): A touch of sweetness that complements the spicy kick of the chili sauce.

Pro Tip: I prefer to make and serve this in the edamame pods for a bit of an extra crunch. But you can also use frozen, shelled edamame and have a great dish.


garlic added to sesame oil


How to Make Sweet Chili Edamame:

  1. Bring fresh or frozen edamame to a rolling boil in a medium-sized pot over medium-high heat in salted water until vibrant green.
  2. Once cooked, shock in ice water to stop cooking.
  3. In a frying pan, heat sesame oil and sauté garlic over medium heat until fragrant.
  4. Add sauce ingredients, and cook until heated through.
  5. Combine the blanched edamame in the soy sauce mixture in a small bowl, making sure you have an even coating.
  6. Serve warm!

Pro Tip: Adjust the edamame sweet chili sauce and soy sauce quantities to tailor the dish to your preferred level of sweetness and saltiness.


garlic added to sesame oil


Is Sweet Chili Edamame Healthy?

Yes this sweet chili edamame recipe is healthy!

Edamame is a nutritional powerhouse, giving you a dose of protein, fiber, and essential nutrients.

This recipe uses very little oil and spices with a lot of nutrients like garlic and ginger.

It also is sweet without adding too much sugar; the sweet chili sauce and maple syrup are enough.


ginger paste, sweet chili sauce, soy sauce and maple syrup added to garlic


Is Sweet Chili Edamame a Side Dish or a Snack?

Sweet chili edamame is both a side dish and an easy snack!

Serve it as a side dish alongside your main course or serve it as a delicious snack.

It also makes a healthy appetizer or party food.

Its versatility makes it a perfect addition to any lineup.


Sweet Chili sauce ready to be poured over edamame


Can You Make Sweet Chili Edamame Ahead of Time?

Yes you can make sweet chili edamame ahead of time!

Just follow the recipe and store it in the refrigerator.

The flavors meld and intensify, and it is just as delicious served cold as it is served warm.

How to Store Sweet Chili Edamame:

Store sweet chili edamame in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Pull out cooked edamame and snack on it cold or reheat gently on the stovetop or in the microwave for a quick and flavorful snack.


zoomed in image of edamame ready to serve.


Can You Freeze Sweet Chili Edamame?

Yes you can freeze sweet chili edamame!

This freezes well for up to two months.

Thaw in the refrigerator before reheating for the best results.

Can Dogs Eat Edamame?

While edamame is not toxic to dogs, this sweet chili edamame dish is toxic.

You never want to feed your pup garlic or spices, and this dish has both. 

Make sure if you do feed your dog edamame, it is raw, out of the pod, and only a few at a time.


bowl full of coated edamame ready to serve.


Is Edamame Good for You?

Yes, edamame beans are good for you!

Edamame is a nutrient-dense food, with a rich source of plant-based protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

It can be a valuable addition to a balanced diet.

Is Sweet Chili Edamame Keto?

Yes, sweet chili edamame is a keto-friendly option.

With its low carbs, high protein and fiber ratios, this is a great food for a keto lifestyle. 

Pro Tip: Adjust the maple syrup quantity to align with your daily carbohydrate needs.


bowl full of chili edamame tipped over


Is Sweet Chili Edamame Gluten-Free?

Yes, this easy sweet chili edamame is gluten free!

Just be sure to use a gluten-free soy sauce.

Traditional soy sauce contains gluten, so to keep this gluten-free choose special sauce.

Is Edamame a Vegetable?

Edamame is technically a legume since it is a young soybean harvested before maturity.

But it is commonly referred to and treated as a vegetable in culinary contexts due to its green, podded form.


edamame laid out on counter with one opened up.


Main Dishes to serve with Sweet Chili Edamame…

The mix of flavors in this sweet chili edamame is perfect!

And it’s a quick and easy dish that combines healthy food and delicious taste. Perfect as a side dish or a snack, this recipe is worth making.

bowl full of chili edamame tipped over

Sweet Chili Edamame

Yield: 4 Servings
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 4 minutes

Indulge in the perfect blend of flavors with our Sweet Chili Edamame recipe. A quick, and versatile dish that's both a side and a snack!


  1. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil.
  2. Add the edamame and cook for about 5 minutes, until edamame are bright green.
  3. Drain and immerse in ice water to stop the cooking.
  4. Heat a teaspoon of sesame oil in a pan.
  5. Once hot, add garlic; cook until fragrant.
  6. Add the ginger paste, sweet chili dipping sauce, soy sauce, and maple syrup.
  7. Continue to cook over low heat for a minute or two, until entire sauce is heated through.
  8. Toss the edamame with the sauce.
Nutrition Information:
Yield: 4 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 138Total Fat: 8gSaturated Fat: 1gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 6gCholesterol: 1mgSodium: 370mgCarbohydrates: 11gFiber: 4gSugar: 5gProtein: 8g
Originally Posted: September 19, 2020

Photos & Text Updated: February 27, 2024


Sweet Chili EdamameSweet Chili EdamameSweet Chili Edamame


Deb Clark

Saturday 26th of September 2020

Like you after I tried edamame I have been a fan. I could eat buckets of them and now with your sauce, I think I'll love them even more!

Jennifer Stewart

Wednesday 23rd of September 2020

This sweet and salty sauce is perfect for these rich edamame! I added a squeeze of lime to mine and devoured the whole batch


Wednesday 23rd of September 2020

These edamame combine two of my favs at our local sushi place, this sushi roll with sweet chili sauce and their steamed edamame I get EVERY time I go!


Monday 21st of September 2020

We love Edamame and that chili version has our name all over it. Finger food is alway a great entertaining tool in our entertaining!

Madison Ingram

Monday 21st of September 2020

This looks like the perfect way to have edamame! Love the flavors!

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